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We Buy Gold & Diamond Jewelry!

You may very well have thousands of dollars worth of gold, silver, platinum and diamond jewelry sitting in your jewelry box collecting dust. And… You could lose thousands if you take it to the wrong place. Sure there are lots of gold buyers out there claiming that they pay the most, but at Whitestone Fine Jewelry… There is a definite difference! Most all of the places that will “pay” you for your gold jewelry, generally don’t pay as much as we do. Especially if your jewelry has diamonds.

Why? We’re able to sell the diamonds or use them after buying it from you. That’s something many others don’t do! That means we’ll pay you for your diamonds appropriately for being… you know, diamonds. Others will still just pay you for the weight of the item. Whether that jewelry in your box is outdated, broken, ugly or dirty doesn’t matter one bit. It’s still valuable jewelry that could be very profitable for you.

So, whether you’re coming from Austin, Cedar Park, Leander, Round Rock, Lakeway, Pflugerville, Georgetown, Liberty Hill or Lakeway… bring your jewelry to George and be pleasantly surprised. You may have a small fortune collecting dust in your home. The Whitestone Fine Jewelry staff are the Gold Buyers who actually give you what your jewelry is worth.

The Oasis Collection  | The Perfect Essentials for a Summer Soaked Adventure

The Oasis Collection | The Perfect Essentials for a Summer Soaked Adventure

Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to our exquisite Oasis Collection - the perfect essential for a summer soaked adventure.


As the sun-kissed days of summer approach, we understand the allure of embarking on adventures filled with warmth, joy, and unforgettable memories. Our Oasis Collection is curated to complement your summer escapades, whether you're lounging on a sandy beach, exploring vibrant city streets, or savoring a sunset picnic with loved ones.

Crafted with impeccable artistry and attention to detail, each piece in our Oasis Collection exudes a sense of effortless sophistication and understated charm. From glistening gemstone pendants that capture the essence of a shimmering oasis to delicately crafted bracelets that echo the tranquility of a cool breeze, our collection offers a touch of luxury that seamlessly blends with the natural beauty of summer.

At Whitestone Fine Jewelry, we take pride in curating pieces that not only reflect your unique style but also stand the test of time. Our Oasis Collection embodies the spirit of adventure, elegance, and enduring beauty, making it the perfect companion for all your summer escapades.

Whether you're seeking a statement piece to elevate your beachside look or a subtle accessory to complement your evening attire, the Oasis Collection offers a range of exquisite options to suit every occasion. Choose a piece from our collection and let it become a treasured keepsake, reminding you of the magical moments and sun-drenched memories gathered along your summer journey.

Join us at Whitestone Fine Jewelry as we invite you to explore the allure of our Oasis Collection - where timeless elegance meets the spirit of summer adventure. Embrace the beauty of the season with jewelry that captures the essence of joy, wanderlust, and cherished moments. Here's to a summer filled with radiant treasures and unforgettable experiences.

Celebrate life. Celebrate adventure. Celebrate with Whitestone Fine Jewelry.

Let's make this summer one to remember with our Oasis Collection. Cheers to sunshine, joy, and unforgettable moments ahead!


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Whiskey & Watches

Whiskey & Watches

🥃🕰️ Join us for an evening of sophistication and style at "Whiskey & Watches"! Indulge in the finest whiskey tastings, showcase your most exquisite timepieces, and unwind with premium cigars in the company of fellow enthusiasts.


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Custom "MOM" Necklaces

Custom "MOM" Necklaces

Our custom "mom" necklaces from Whitestone Fine Jewelry are designed with that special mom in mind!
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